Total CMS Counter

Count and display how many CMS items are there in each collection.
*Limited to 100 CMS item*

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1 script, 2 attributes

Add script to your page

 <script src=""></script> 
Copy Script
Add this to category texts that you want to count your CMS item on.
vd-cms-total = list  to your Collection List
Add this to the CMS item that is displays the category text with its number.
vd-cms-total = number  attribute to Text Block

Webflow CMS Total Counter Demo

Total number of Jobs
Senior C++ Developer

You will play a key role in shaping and leading our new games and VR development department.

Mid-level Web Designer

You will work closely with clients and our design team to create world-class and award winning websites.

Junior Webflow Developer

You will help create and maintain new landing pages for the company website.

Webflow Dev
Senior Marketing Strategist

You help identify and determine creative solutions to improve our marketing efforts.

Talent Acquisition

You are a people person and a connector. You have growing network of people and can spot exceptional talent across multiple sectors.


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